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Fiscal advice, administrative, accounting, competitive procedure, cases, examination, income tax return and telecom sending, extraordinary operation (consolidation, conversion, ecc) collaboration with others professionals of proven experience both Italian and foreign.
Collaborations with data processing experts for the resolution of problems of hardware and software.Legal and personal solutions.
Office qualified to the telecom sending of the income taxes return with formal verifications able to remove mistakes for avoid sanction

In 1989 in Imola, the bookkeeper Claudio Daniele Cialdai, after having matured a more than decennial experience at the direct service of companies of primary importance, both national and international, after being put on the bases for the establishment of a professional office in witch others professionals have joined and have maturated their preparation and experience, working with seriousness and devotion in the economical reality circles both local and regional.

The activity

The consultations towards companies and privates person include the essential aspect of the effectives in the economical, juridical and fiscal field. The above consultation is certainly facilitated because the bookkeeper Gherardi Gianna  have matured a significant experience in the business management not only as external consultant, but also as employed with functions of decision and so, with the possibility of valuing the business problems also by the size of the entrepresseur now their client.

The professional structure of the office, which includes a legal section, is supplemented by a set of organized connections, national and international, with other offices, consulting society, merchant bank, trust companies and auditing companies.


 Societary/Contrattual Sector

Consultation and aid in the creation of contracts and aid for the resolution of the problems linked to them in matter of company law (creation, incorporation, modification, and dissolution of partnership both of person and capital, relationship between the singles partner and between the company and the same partners).


 Balance and management Sector

Consultation and aid in the drafting of the balance of management of the companies and of the groups with application of national and international accounting principles; of the rules provided by the civil code.

Draft of provisional budgets


Fiscal Sector

Consultation and aid in the relations with the competent administrations in the circle of the formulations direct and indirect.

Planning of the fiscal charge for the assisted company and the relations between the same and the offices of the financial administration as well as in session of fiscal cases.

Financial business consultation

Aid to the clients for the business management planning and control of management.


Extraordinary Operation Sector

Aid and consultations for incorporation, conversion, under writing, acquisition and conveyance of companies, joint ventures and, in general, in all the extraordinary business deal.


Consultation and preconsensual Sector

Consultation and preconsensual assistance to the companies in crisis situations, elaboration of plans of balancing, valutary winding-up also with the agreement of the creditors.

The competitive activity is made in the circle of the different procedures estimated by the bankrupt law also as collaborator of the bankruptcy judge (official receiver ecc….)

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